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Want to Finally Understand Your Cat's Behavior?

Introducing: The Cat Language Bible™, a research­-based guide for understanding your cat’s behavior.

The Cat Language Bible comes to the rescue when you have to deal with your cat’s bad behavior.

This research-based guide is proven to give you a hand in creating a deep connection with your cat and building a strong bond with it.

WHY AM I TELLING YOU THIS?  Because I personally experienced all the consequences related to my cat’s bad behavior… and was able to solve them fast by applying the knowledge inside this guide.

The Cat Language Bible: a close up of the book

This guide is based on scientific research for more than 14 years, condensed into 11 chapters and 107 pages

You’ll find detailed explanation, pictures and images of how cats use their different body parts like whiskers, ears, eyes, meows, mouth, and tail.

This guide will make you understand how to react to your cat when he has bad behavior and how to fix it, and at the same time how to show affection to your cat.

Learn How to Communicate With Your Cat With This Life-Changing Guide

The Cat Language Bible™ is a research­-based guide developed specifically for helping you communicate better with your cat.

Steps to Become a Good Cat Parent



How to communicate with your cat



Your cat behavior and feelings



A stronger bond with him

With the help of this guide, you will achieve all this quickly and easily

About the Author

Jonas Jurgela is a Ph.D. in Animal Behavior Specialist and an animal researcher.

He’s worked with hundreds of cat owners to help them build bonds through the power of language and conversation.

He’s also led the field in the ever-exciting area of animal-human interaction, both verbal and nonverbal, for over 14 years.

I’m sure the information inside this brief guide will help you understand your cat’s behavior as much as it did for me (and many other cat owners)!

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Here's What You're Instantly Getting

In these 11 chapters (107 pages), full of scientific discoveries you’ll find:

In this chapter, you will discover interesting facts related to the domestication of cats throughout the history of mankind.

  • How different civilizations viewed and treated cats throughout history: Japanese, Chinese, Egyptians, Norse people, Muslims, Romans, sailors, and what they believe were.
  • Why  it has been easy for humans to domesticate cats
  • Why it is believed that cats have 7 lives and much more

Since your cat is a family member, it’s important to understand what he is actually saying to you. In this chapter, you’ll find invaluable information,  illustrated by images on:

The Body and Head Posture

  • How to discover if your cat pet your cat or any other one
  • How to know if a cat feels threatened
  • How to know if a cat wants to be left alone
  • How to know if your cat wants to play
  • Why your cat shows you its belly
  • The single sign that shows you that a cat is aggressive
  • 9 postures that tell you if a cat wants to play, stay alone, or attack


The Ears Position

As a cat owner probably you have noticed that your cat’s ears are constantly moving and flicking and wondering what it meant, in this chapter, you will discover:

  • 5 ear positions that tell you exactly…
  • When your cat feels uneasy
  • When your cat feels afraid or angry
  • Why your cat has one ear flat and the other picked up


The Tail Position

Do you know that your cat can show its emotions very clearly through its tail? The cat’s tail will tell you a lot. In this section, you will find out:

  • 10 different tail positions that express all its emotions
  • Why does your cat twitch the tail when it’s in a high position
  • The meaning of the tail when it resembles a question mark (and why you should give particular attention when it happens)
  • Why you should be careful when the tail is down
  • What is Piloecretion
  • If your cat is afraid
  • How they show real friendship
  • The sign that tells you that they are not actually ignoring you


Taking in all the postures

  • 7 combinations of body/head posture, ears positions, and tail positions that tell you exactly your cat’s mood, intentions, and feelings – these will tell you when your cat is afraid, angry, happy, agitated, playful, calm, or defensive

A cat is not able to smile as we do, however they definitely do have facial expressions that may tell you a lot about what they are thinking or how they are feeling. In this chapter, you will learn how to interpret these facial expressions:


  • 7 ways communicate their feelings and emotions through their eyes
  • Why their pupils dilate and how this happens for reasons beyond being surprised by something
  • Why do they stare at things for soooo long
  • When you should avoid eye contact with a cat, and why this prevents you from having a bad experience
  • How their blinking speed defines if they like you or not


  • Why you should stay alert when your cat has its mouth open, and how you should handle the situation when specific conditions are met
  • Do cats really smile?
  • The surprising reason cats eat grass


  • The truth about a cat’s whiskers and why you should NEVER cut any of the 24 of them (no, they are not just longer cat hairs)
  • The three types of whiskers cats have and how each has a different purpose that enables the feline to do the amazing things he or she does.
  • What is whisker stress? And should you be concerned about it?
  • Why you should avoid having a tall, narrow bawl for your cat to eat.
  • How cats express different feelings when their whiskers are flat against their face, face forward, point down or don’t move.
  • The unsurprising reason why cats’ whiskers turn white with time
  • Why fat cats have had issues with their whiskers

Cats do not meow randomly, or because they are bored. Cat’s vocalizations serve a purpose. Listening to your cat’s vocalization is one of the best ways to comprehend what your cat is feeling or expressing. This is what you are going to learn in this chapter:


  • How to turn into a seasoned cat owner by deciphering the vocalizations of your cat
  • The truth about your cat’s meow
  • The 7 different types of meow and how to interpret each one
  • Is there an ultrasonic meow? And does it really matter?
  • How purring doesn’t only mean that they are happy to see you.
  • How to be sure your cat is ill by listening through their meows


Excessive meowing

  • 2 triggers that tell you your cat meowing excessively, and how you can deal with it
  • 5 reasons why your cat starts meowing constantly, and when you should bring them to the vet
  • 4 things your vet checks to see if your cat is ill
  • The rules you should follow to stop your cat’s constant meowing
  • 3 behaviors you should ALWAYS avoid when trying to stop excessive meowing
  • Why you should NEVER punish your cat, and what alternative you can take to get what you want
  • When you can ignore your cat’s meows, and not feel guilty or worried about it
  • How to deal with your cat when its constantly asking for food
  • How to respond to the more serious conditions that cause excessive meowing without panicking or throwing in the towel

Night Meowing

  • 8 reasons why your cat performs night meowing and which times you should be careful for
  • How to use music to calm your cat
  • 7 ways you can try to stop night meowing

Cats have over forty times (200 million) the number of scent receptors as humans (5 million). This is why scent is a big part of their survival. In this chapter you will discover:


  • Why cat rub against things or other cats in the house
  • Why do your cats at home welcome with hostility the cat you brought to the vet


  • The reason why your cat sprays and which are the signs that tell it’s about to do it
  • The simple and inexpensive trick that will prevent your cat from spraying at new objects you bring home
  • Another simple trick to stop your cat from urinating on the floor of your house

Cats frequently utilize touch to express how they feel or to exert control over a situation. In this chapter, you are going to learn:

  • Why do cats lick you, kneading, scratch things, touch noses with you, head bump, or bite
  • 6 ways cats interact with your, other cats or things with their touch
  • When you should avoid your cat if it’s biting you while you play with him

Cats can be really strange at times. In this chapter, you will find all the answers to the strangest cat’s behaviors that may not make much sense to you:

  • A complete explanation of your cat’s behavior like biting its nails, sprinting randomly, sprawling on your pc while you are typing, napping on your chest, sleeping in a tight ball, sleeping in boxes, and many more!
  • What to do when your cat isn’t covering its feces or urine inside the litter
  • The reason why your cat makes a strange face when sniffing your shoes (no, they are not showing disgust)
  • Why cats like so much to climb high places

You are going to discover many great tips that will ensure you can deal with your cat no matter what mood or emotion they’re in. You’ll also learn how to show your love in a way he can understand. This is exactly what you are going to discover:

  • 17 different tips you can execute right away to improve your relationship with your cat
  • 4 ways to say “I love you to your cat”
  • How to perform the “three-step handshake”, a simple and infallible system to pet any cat without getting bitten, clawed, or attacked
  • 6 steps to groom your cat the right way
  • Should you bathe your cat? And is there an alternative?
  • 8 steps to bathe your cat without getting him or her distressed, aggressive, uncooperative
  • 6 steps to brush your cat’s teeth and how doing it can prevent a series of inconvenient illnesses in the long run
  • 5 different products that may help you in the process of teaching your cat to get its teeth brushed

Many people adore cats, but if you decide to adopt one into your home and make it a member of your family, there may be certain undesirable behaviors that the cat enjoys, but you do not. In this chapter, you will find answers to the most common unwanted behaviors of your cat and how to solve them. This is exactly what you will learn:

  • How to distinguish if your cat is playing or being aggressive, and how to deal with the latter one
  • How to train your cat by following Jordan Peterson’s Formula
  • Why negative training is not the solution to getting your cat to behave as you like (and how the alternative
  • How to train your cat not to bite or scratch, even if its been years doing it and has developed a bad habit
  • Learn the drama queen method to un-teach your cat to bite or scratch you (even if its been years doing it and has developed a bad habit)
  • How to teach your cat to eat what is on his or her pot, even if she behaves like a princess of a Disney movie
  • Why you shouldn’t feed your cat as you would do with a child
  • The crazy (almost sadistic) way to make your cat eat everything on his or her bowl
  • How to teach your cat to STOP messing with your things, without hitting, being aggressive, or punitive
  • How to teach your cat to use the litter box correctly, even if there is no other cat to teach him or her around the house or is old and hasn’t used a litterbox his or her whole life
  • Why does your cat urinates and defecates on the same spot every time when it hasn’t learned how to use a litterbox, and how to stop it
  • The special training you should give to cats that stop using a litterbox because it’s too fun to do it outside inside a large potted plant
  • Which air fresheners you should NEVER use to make a litterbox less smelly
  • Why your cat eats paper clips, rubber bands, tin foil, litter sand, and the like, and how to stop this behavior for good

Helping shy and scared cats

  • If your cat is shy, scared, and hides all the time, then this guide will teach you how to solve that

Stopping Spraying

  • A simple solution to spraying issues

Interacting with kittens

  • How to make a kitten unafraid of humans for the rest of their life

There are so many cool facts about cats that you probably haven’t heard of. In this chapter, you will find answers to the most unusual questions about our cats:

  • Did you know that cats are lactose intolerant?
  • Or that they can predict the weather?
  • Or even that they sleep 70% of their whole life?
  • And what about the fact that they like their food warm?

If you have started to think about getting your first cat and bringing it into a loving home, this is a must-read chapter. You will discover everything you need to know and much more, such as how to introduce a second cat into your home, the feline hierarchy, and how cats interact with each other. This is exactly what you are going to learn:

  • The 11 steps you should take when adopting a new cat to ensure you’re the best cat parent on the block

Introducing a second cat to your home

  • 3 simple questions to determine if you really need (or want) another cat in your house (and avoid the painful experience of having to care for another life when you actually weren’t ready yet)
  • How to choose the right cat for your home
  • What actions do you need to take before the arrival of the new cat
  • How to introduce the new cat to the other(s) without getting an aggressive response from your beloved cats
    The last resort you should take when your cats refuse to get along
  • Understanding feline hierarchy
    the difference between the feral and the domestic cat hierarchies
  • How feral cats colonies work
    the 9 factors that determine the domestic cat hierarchy so you know exactly your house’s hierarchy
  • 3 signs that determine that your cat is an alpha
  • 2 ways you can deal with your bossy alpha cat

Feline to feline communication

  • How to interpret the communication between cats to understand when it is proper to intervene and when you should just leave them alone

Let me be clear.

The Cat Language Bible™ is a cat language course anybody can understand.  There’s no need to study at all. You’ll be able to look right at the guide and make interpretations on the fly. 

And that’s not all!

“ What greater gift than the love of a cat”

Charles Dickens

Maximize Your Connection With Your Pet

You’ll also receive these 3 FREE BONUS guides:

Bonus 1: The Cat Care Guide

The Cat Care Guide teaches you how to accept your cat’s feedback.

You’ll learn the right way to give it the proper attention, entertainment, support, and feeding based on what it’s telling you. Value $ 14,00

Bonus 2: Training Your Cat
Our second bonus guide, Training Your Cat, is all about raising a well­-disciplined and respectful cat. It’s no secret that training cats can often be more difficult than dogs. Still, it is possible.
Cats need a little extra guidance in the form of strength training practices. With this guide, you’ll master it the right way. Value $14,00

Bonus 3: A­-To-­Z Feline Nutrition

Our final bonus guide is A-­to-­Z Feline Nutrition, and I’d like to think of this one as the fuel that powers our animal’s brains and bodies.

This guide will make the difference between sharing good times with a strong, vital, and creative cat… Or one affected by chronic lethargy, fatigue, and illness.

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Language is essential for developing a bond as deep as possible with our beloved cats. Start speaking cat today.

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60 Days No­ Questions ­Asked Money-­Back Guarantee

And if all the above is not enough to convince you… Let make it easier for you!  The Cat Language Bible™  comes with a 60 days No­ Questions­Asked money-­back guarantee.

You can get this life-­changing guide now with no risk at all!

The Cat Language Bible Guarantee

Hurry!  This amazing deal it’s available only for a limited time… 

Here’s What Cat Lovers, Who Already Bought, Have to Say

“I came across the cat language bible at a very difficult time when I was struggling to know how to communicate with my cat. The truth is that the whole experience was really bad. We could not understand each other. However, when I got this product it took me a very short time to understand what exactly I needed to do to make it easy. Very simple and direct instructions and I like it.”
Gabriel E.
“The Cat Language Bible was developed after depth research and many testimonials from cat owners who got to understand their cats’ both verbal and non-verbal communication. Through vast research and experience as an animal behavior specialist, Jonas Jurgella developed the program to help cat owners interpret cat sounds and gestures. It will surprise you when you realize how hard cat feelings and emotions are. But when you get to understand cat talk, you respond them in the correct way. Also, a stronger and deeper bond is built between you and your cat.”
Billy H.
"The product comes as the result of a number of different kinds of research and testimonials involving hundreds of cats in the verbal and non-verbal language they use. From the tests and the personal experience of the author as a specialist in animal behavior, he will offer help to readers in interpretation of the gestures and sounds that the cat makes. It will surprise you how complicated the feelings and emotions of the cat can be. After you get to know them, you are going to be able to make just the right response.”
Nathan G.
“All little secrets will be easier to identify once we are aware of how to talk to your cats. The cat language bible is a book where we will find the answers to all your questions. It shows understanding cat language and how cats communicate with other cats and humans. The Cat Language Bible explains the difference between the meowing cat meaning tones and pitches. The cat’s body language can be understood by how cats move their eyes, ears, body, and tail. It is not a set-in-the-stone definition. It depends on the situation; the same sign can sometimes represent the opposite. Therefore it is imperative to learn how to interact with your cat.
Carissa D.
“Before reading this book I had never realized how often my cat would gesture “I love you” at me! Now, not only do I understand when my cat is showing me affection, but I can also ‘say’ it back to him in a manner he understands. You can’t put a price to that!”
Debora K.
“As a cat owner, I’ve always thought of myself as caring and attentive to the needs of my feline friend. I know that it’s important to add enrichment to your pet’s life, but at the same time, I simply took it for granted that my cat seemed to enjoy spending time on her own. Cats have a reputation for being aloof, so when I first stumbled upon The Cat Language Bible I was expecting some helpful tips, but what I actually learned upon reading was far greater than what I first imagined. This book was not just an interesting read; it taught me how to forge a firm, strong bond with my cat.”
Keelin J.

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