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Every cat parent has to deal with some cat’s behavior problems. At The Cat Journey Blog, you’ll find extensive information and product reviews, and recommendations to fix these problems and enjoy a happy life with your pet.


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Cat Aggression

Is your cat biting, clawing, and attacking you or other pets for no “apparent” reason? This section will show why there’s always a good reason and how to stop that.

Cat Excessive Vocalization

If your cat acts like a reincarnated opera singer… and you are having a hard time sleeping because of it… This section will show the right strategies to bring some silence at home.

Destructive Cat Scratching

Whether it’s the carpet, the furniture, or your favorite curtains, this section will show you how to prevent your cat from clawing them ever again.

Products Reviews

Find out what are the most important tools and products a smart pet owner needs.