9 Causes of Cat Aggression Toward Other Cats [& What to Do]

Cat aggression towards other cats: 2 indoor cats fighting in the living room

Aggressive cat behavior toward other cats is very common. According to recent research, 87,7% of cats’ households reported aggressive behavior.  The 9 most common causes of cat-to-cat aggression are as follows: Pain-induced aggression, Aggression due to a lack of socialization, Fear-induced aggression, Play Aggression, Status-related aggression, Territorial aggression, Maternal aggression, and Re-directed aggression. Is one […]

Cat Aggression Towards Dogs [6 Reasons & 6 Steps to Fix It]

Cat aggression towards dogs: close-up of a cat and a dog defiantly glaring at each other

Cat aggression towards dogs is quite common. Dogs and cats are natural foes, and instincts prevail if they haven’t grown up together.Below are the six most typical reasons for cat aggression: Pain-induced aggression, Fear-induced aggression, Territorial aggression, Redirect aggression, Play aggression, Non-recognition aggression. The good news is that cats and dogs can be trained to […]

Cat Behavior Problems: Aggression [All 11 Types Explained]

Cat behavior problems: Aggression. Close up of a cat under the table acting aggressively

When it comes to cat behavior problems, aggression runs rampant in many households. In the wild, cats exhibit hostility to dominate another individual. The main goal is to defend himself against a real or perceived threat. However, in domestic cats, there are also other origins of this dangerous behavior. The causes for which cats become […]

Why Does My Cat Nibble Me When I Pet Her or Him? [Here’re 5 Ways to Avoid That]

Why does my cat nibble me when i pet her? A young girl holds a gray cat in her arms, strokes him on the head, and he gently nibbles her hand.

Although the nibble may appear unexpected and unexplained, there are logical reasons for this behavior.  They might nibble you because: Your cat feels overstimulated (petting-induced aggression): petting your cat over and over can result in over-excitement, which triggers the nibble; You may be touching sensitive areas of your cat’s body; Your cat did not learn […]

Why Does My Cat Grab My Hand and Bite Me? [Here’re 4 Unexpected Reasons]

why does my cat grab my hand and bite me? White cat lying on its back grabbing the arm and biting the owner's hand

Cats could grab your hand and bite it because:   They want to play and think your hand is a toy; They may feel annoyed and overstimulated by petting; They have been harmed while being groomed, and They may have an injury.  Based on the context, you can determine which of these reasons made your pet […]