How to Stop Unwanted Cat Behavior [In 5 Actionable Steps]

How to stop unwanted cat behavior: a close-up of a grey cat on the kitchen table chucking a glass container to the floor

Here are the 5 steps to follow to stop unwanted cat behavior: Learn about the most common cat behavior issues. Identify the trigger of the cat’s bad behavior. Get rid of the trigger if possible. Deter unwanted behavior: Don’t punish your cat, Redirect your cat’s behavior, Use Remote correction, Communicate with your cat, Give a […]

Why Is My Cat So Badly Behaved? The 6 Little-Known Factors You Must Know

Why is my cat so badly behaved-Black cat destroying paper toilet

Your cat is behaving badly because it’s unhappy or feels unsatisfied in some way. Cats have conduct issues as a result of: Caregivers failing to consider the cat’s needs, Housing conditions are poor or constantly changing, Owners have unrealistic expectations about their pets, Too few interactions between the owner and the cat. Other reasons could […]

Domestic Cat Behavior Problems (The 12 Most Common Explained)

Domestic cats behavior problems: the 12 most common explained

The most common domestic cat behavior problems are split into two types. The first refers to normal-species behavior that the caregiver doesn’t like. Among these we can list: Destructive scratching, Spraying (marking territory), Nocturnal overactivity, Urge to go outside, Eating houseplants, and Jumping on things. Other bad behaviors are a sign of a poor quality […]

What Scents Do Cats Not Like? [& Why You Should Be Aware of Them]

What scents do cats not like: Siamese cat walking in the middle of a garden with flowers and greenery sniffing a shrub

Here’re the scents cats hate: Some fruits like citrus fruits (lime, lemon, orange, mandarin & grapefruit) and bananas. Certain vegetables like garlic, onions, and tomatoes. Some herbs and plants like mint, pine, cedar, thyme, oregano, lavender, geranium, rosemary, eucalyptus, winterberry, coleus canina (also known as Scaredy Cat Plant). Certain spices like chili, curry, pepper, mustard, […]

Can Cats Communicate With Each Other? Here’s What You Should Know

Can cats communicate with each other?: close up of two Scottish cats resting together very closely

Cats can communicate in many sophisticated ways that are unique to felines. They are creatures that can experience a wide range of emotions. The most common include anger, fear, anxiety, satisfaction, curiosity, disappointment, and many others. They express themself in 4 ways:  Through touch, physical contact with each other; Visually, using body postures and movements; […]