9 Causes of Cat Aggression Toward Other Cats [& What to Do]

Cat aggression towards other cats: 2 indoor cats fighting in the living room

Aggressive cat behavior toward other cats is very common. According to recent research, 87,7% of cats’ households reported aggressive behavior.  The 9 most common causes of cat-to-cat aggression are as follows: Pain-induced aggression, Aggression due to a lack of socialization, Fear-induced aggression, Play Aggression, Status-related aggression, Territorial aggression, Maternal aggression, and Re-directed aggression. Is one […]

Cat Aggression Towards Dogs [6 Reasons & 6 Steps to Fix It]

Cat aggression towards dogs: close-up of a cat and a dog defiantly glaring at each other

Cat aggression towards dogs is quite common. Dogs and cats are natural foes, and instincts prevail if they haven’t grown up together.Below are the six most typical reasons for cat aggression: Pain-induced aggression, Fear-induced aggression, Territorial aggression, Redirect aggression, Play aggression, Non-recognition aggression. The good news is that cats and dogs can be trained to […]

How to Stop Unwanted Cat Behavior [In 5 Actionable Steps]

How to stop unwanted cat behavior: a close-up of a grey cat on the kitchen table chucking a glass container to the floor

Here are the 5 steps to follow to stop unwanted cat behavior: Learn about the most common cat behavior issues. Identify the trigger of the cat’s bad behavior. Get rid of the trigger if possible. Deter unwanted behavior: Don’t punish your cat, Redirect your cat’s behavior, Use Remote correction, Communicate with your cat, Give a […]

Cat Behavior Problems: Aggression [All 11 Types Explained]

Cat behavior problems: Aggression. Close up of a cat under the table acting aggressively

When it comes to cat behavior problems, aggression runs rampant in many households. In the wild, cats exhibit hostility to dominate another individual. The main goal is to defend himself against a real or perceived threat. However, in domestic cats, there are also other origins of this dangerous behavior. The causes for which cats become […]

Domestic Cat Behavior Problems (The 12 Most Common Explained)

Domestic cats behavior problems: the 12 most common explained

The most common domestic cat behavior problems are split into two types. The first refers to normal-species behavior that the caregiver doesn’t like. Among these we can list: Destructive scratching, Spraying (marking territory), Nocturnal overactivity, Urge to go outside, Eating houseplants, and Jumping on things. Other bad behaviors are a sign of a poor quality […]

The 10 Best Ways to Stop Your Cat From Scratching Furniture Quickly [2022]

best ways to stop your cat from scratching furniture. Close up of a cat clawing a couch

Here are the 10 best ways to stop your cat from scratching furniture: Provide an appropriate scratching post; Make your cat’s preferred furniture unattractive; Create cat-free spaces in your home; Use a commercial cat repellent; Use a gentle but firm tone of voice; Calm your cat with FELIWAY® CLASSIC; Prevent scratching out of boredom; Set […]

Why Does My Cat Meow All Night? [11 Reasons You Must Know]

why does my cat meow all night? Close up of beautiful cat with open mouth meowing

Cats’ nocturnal meows are mainly driven by behavioral issues. Other aspects can lead to this exasperating behavior. Here is a complete list: Behavioral problems:1.  Boredom;2.  Loneliness;3.  A sign of aging;4.  Feeling trapped;5.  Stressful situations;6.  Too much attention;7.  Internal body clock;8.  Lack of quality playtime;9.  Frequent or random feeding; Sexual impulses:10. Hormonal imbalances (unspayed female cats […]

Why Is My Cat Scratching Everything? [ 4 Reasons Explained]

Why is my cat scratching everything: close up of a cat scratching a couch

In a nutshell, cats scratch everything because is an innate activity for them. The long response is far more fascinating. Felines scratch primarily to mark their territory and to leave olfactory and visual marks for other cats. Scratching serves other purposes such as stretching, claw conditioning, and pleasure. How often have you wondered:  Why is […]

What Scents Do Cats Not Like? [& Why You Should Be Aware of Them]

What scents do cats not like: Siamese cat walking in the middle of a garden with flowers and greenery sniffing a shrub

Here’re the scents cats hate: Some fruits like citrus fruits (lime, lemon, orange, mandarin & grapefruit) and bananas. Certain vegetables like garlic, onions, and tomatoes. Some herbs and plants like mint, pine, cedar, thyme, oregano, lavender, geranium, rosemary, eucalyptus, winterberry, coleus canina (also known as Scaredy Cat Plant). Certain spices like chili, curry, pepper, mustard, […]

Why Does My Cat Nibble Me When I Pet Her or Him? [Here’re 5 Ways to Avoid That]

Why does my cat nibble me when i pet her? A young girl holds a gray cat in her arms, strokes him on the head, and he gently nibbles her hand.

Although the nibble may appear unexpected and unexplained, there are logical reasons for this behavior.  They might nibble you because: Your cat feels overstimulated (petting-induced aggression): petting your cat over and over can result in over-excitement, which triggers the nibble; You may be touching sensitive areas of your cat’s body; Your cat did not learn […]