Why Does My Cat Grab My Hand and Bite Me? [Here’re 4 Unexpected Reasons]

why does my cat grab my hand and bite me? White cat lying on its back grabbing the arm and biting the owner's hand

Cats could grab your hand and bite it because:   They want to play and think your hand is a toy; They may feel annoyed and overstimulated by petting; They have been harmed while being groomed, and They may have an injury.  Based on the context, you can determine which of these reasons made your pet […]

How to Get My Cat to Stop Meowing at Night [6 Proven & Easy Ways]

How to get my cat to stop meowing at night: Young woman sleeping in bed with her cat

The short answer to this question is: don’t pay attention to your cat. It’s ridiculously hard but you must ignore it. Here are six tips to help you get results faster: Set a feeding schedule and follow it; Tidy up the litter box before bed; Allow your cat access to you; Make safe hiding spots; […]

Cat Spraying No More Review [8 Reasons You Should Buy It]

Cat spraying no more review: A cat sitting in the floor near its pee

Cat Spraying No More is an ebook that instructs you on a comprehensive system for stopping your cat from spraying everywhere. It also takes care of urinating outside of the litter box. It includes vital information that will assist you in determining the true causes of your cat’s spraying. Here’re 8 reasons why you should […]

Can Cats Communicate With Each Other? Here’s What You Should Know

Can cats communicate with each other?: close up of two Scottish cats resting together very closely

Cats can communicate in many sophisticated ways that are unique to felines. They are creatures that can experience a wide range of emotions. The most common include anger, fear, anxiety, satisfaction, curiosity, disappointment, and many others. They express themself in 4 ways:  Through touch, physical contact with each other; Visually, using body postures and movements; […]

What Do Different Cat Noises Mean? [9 Most Commons Sounds Explained]

What do different cat noises mean? Close up of a black cat sitting on the floor looking up and meowing

Here’re the 9 most common sounds and noises cats make, and their 7 different meanings: Meow: speaking with humans; Trill: greetings and welcome; Chatter: calls for prey; Purr: happiness and satisfaction; Caterwaul: seduction; Growl: fear, hostility, and rejection; Howl or yowl: fear, hostility, and rejection; Hiss: fear, hostility, and rejection; Scream or cry: pain and […]

How to Get Your Cat to Use a Scratching Post [7 Tips to Make It Attractive]

how to get your cat to use a scratching post: close up of a white cat scratching a white post

Here are 14 steps to train cats to use a scratching post: Choose a tall scratching post; Offer different surfaces opportunities; Make sure the scratching post is stable; Choosing the right scratching post material; Begin when the cat is young (If possible); Choosing the location from the cat’s perspective; Use more than one scratching post; […]